Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement


For the past two weeks, we have been learning all about Stick Man. We had a whole week of activities planned about Stick Man, then disaster struck… we lost him! We made lost posters and maps to try and find him. Unfortunately, this did not work so we had to call an emergency Reception meeting. We split into groups and searched the whole school! We used our observation and detective skills and found lots of photographs showing where Stick Man had been, but still no Stick Man. We had almost given up hope when in walked Mr McLeod and he had found Stick Man on his travels and had put him in his pocket. We were so grateful to Mr McLeod that we all wrote him thank you letters.

In maths, we have been learning how to build a Numicon ladder and how to form our numbers correctly. We have also been using lots of natural resources including conkers and sticks for counting activities.

Reception had lunch at school this week, they were fantastic and enjoyed their delicious dinners. We are very excited for the children to be in full time next week. Winston has also gone home for the weekend with a child from each class.

Our Mud Kitchen Is Officially Open!

Reception have had a fantastic second week. The mud kitchen officially opened and the children have enjoyed making marvellous mud creations. The children also joined the rest of the school for playtime and thoroughly enjoyed playing with them.


An Exciting First Week

We have had a fantastic start to Pineham Barns! We have been very busy exploring our new classroom, outdoor provision, big playground and school! We have been having lots of fun in our handwriting and Phonics lessons. We have also been making new friends and exploring and learning together!


Our Trip to Holdenby Activity Centre:

We had a lovely time on our school trip with the muddy lady. The coach was one of the exciting things and we all talked about what we could see on our way to Holdenby. We read a story about an owl who wanted to see the colours of day time and we learnt about nocturnal animals. We then went on our own colour hunt to collect natural resources to make our own colourful rainbows. We used bug hunting tools to find creatures in the woods and we made our own woodland loose part pictures.

We definitely worked up an appetite and enjoyed a picnic beneath a huge shady tree before returning in to the woods to play with the water wall, sand pit and art activities. There was some tree climbing thrown in for good measure too! Some of the children decided to make their own clay creatures to take home as a souvenir.

It was such an enjoyable day and the children were all brilliant!

The Magic Suitcase and The Naughty Bus:

This week the children have been thinking about where they would like to travel to. They have been looking at the world map and learning the names of some countries. Some children have been sharing their holiday photos with the class and we have been finding these countries on our map. The children have explored the concept of booking a holiday and traveling by plane. They took on the role of travel agent in our indoor role play area and they looked through travel catalogues to book their own holidays. They then went on to make their own passports and boarding cards to use in the outdoor airport role play area.

For Literacy the children found a magic suitcase and they used their imagination to write their own stories about where they would travel to. The children came up with some amazing ideas!

For Number this week the children were recapping the concept of halving numbers and were halving items of clothing between two suitcases to solve number problems. The children practised their measuring skills to compare lengths of socks in the magic suitcase and also made their own transport vehicles with 3D shapes.

The children were fascinated by the caterpillars changing to butterflies this week and they got to watch them hatch out of their cocoons. They recorded this by drawing each stage of the butterfly life cycle and used their phonic skills to write topic words.

Finally, the children enjoyed a visit from the Derngate Theatre Actors and the children practised their own drama skills to act out the story of the Naughty Bus which we will be reading in more detail next week.

It certainly hasn’t been a boring week!

Tiger Who Came to Tea

We have had such a busy week this week and have been learning lots about time, weight, capacity and sequencing. Our week started off with an invitation from a Tiger inviting the children to a Tea Party. The children read the story about the ‘Tiger Who Came To Tea’ and discussed the characters with their talk partners. The children talked about where real tigers live and used the computer to find out about Tiger facts.  Every day this week the children have had a different activity to complete based on the above areas of learning. For sequencing the children have been learning how to make jam sandwiches for the Teddy Bears Tea Party. They ordered sequence cards and talked about the order before making their own sandwich.

For time, the children have been timing each other on obstacle courses in the playground and have counted how many exercises they could do in 20 seconds using a digital timer. The children enjoyed making their own times on the large clock when they played ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf.’

For weight and capacity, the children have been comparing animals and talking about heavy and light using them. They have been exploring different containers in the water tray and have been learning about vocabulary to describe containers that are full, empty, quarter full etc.

The week ended with the children bringing in their own teddy to have their very own tea party but luckily the tiger didn’t eat all of the cakes!



Living Things

Our new topic is ‘Living things’. All this week the children have been thinking about what it means to be alive. They have answered questions in their learning teams to show their understanding about living things and this has helped to develop their new topic vocabulary, speaking, listening and attention skills.

The children have had a visit from ‘Bramble the Rabbit’ and ‘Stick’ and ‘Sticky’ the Stick Insects. They have been busy looking after their own poorly pets in the vets and buying food for them in the pet shop role play area.

As part of their School Values treat the children had a walk to the pond to explore the mini beasts and pond life around the school grounds.

A very eggciting week!

This week, we have had some very special visitors at school, which the children have been thrilled about! Ten eggs came to our classroom and by Wednesday nine had hatched! We’ve been super writers and have kept diaries about our chicks, which we are very proud about. The chicks have been the focus of our number work, as we have been using them to solve problems with doubling and to help with all aspects of our number work. We’ve learnt lots of interesting facts about them and their life cycles, as well as how to care for our new friends.

In our busy week, we’ve also been participating in Sports Relief, by using pedometers to count our steps and measure how active we’ve been. By the time, we had baked healthy muffins, been for a walk, participated in circuit training and danced with Miss Williams, we had clocked up a lot of steps!


Fairytales Continued…..

We have had a wonderful time in Reception, looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children have received letters from Mr Wolf from his home in the woodland behind our school. They’ve been sending lots of letters back to him and drawing him pictures to cheer him up. In our construction area, the children have been building new houses for Mr Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. They’ve also been writing signs to warning people of the hazards on building sites. There’s also been lots of discussion about buildings and drawings of famous buildings in London. What a busy week we have had!


The children found a mysterious beanstalk in their classroom this week which has led in to lots of talk and writing around beanstalks and giants. The children have started to plant their own beanstalks too and are eager for them to grow. They have been practising counting magic beans and recognising numbers from ten and beyond. Outside the children have been busy making their own story characters and fairies for the fairy garden. What a busy week, fun filled week!


This week the children have been learning all about volcanos and exploring how to make their own volcano erupt. They have been learning topic words and finding them on their Mini Me Challenge word hunt. The children have been writing their own facts about volcanos and drawing and writing about their volcano experiments. The children have been continuing their work with 3D shapes and have been talking about shapes in the environment. What a busy week!

Dinosaurs in Reception

There’s been lots of excitement in Reception! We’ve been learning about information books and have used our facts to make our own dinosaur fact pages. We have also been sorting dinosaurs into herbivores and carnivores. In Maths, we have been estimating size and capacity using the different dinosaur footprints that we found in our classroom.  Amazingly, we found that ten children could fit into the T-rex foot print!

We are all waiting in anticipation for our dinosaur egg to hatch, which will hopefully happen next week.


 Gingerbread Man is Missing!

Stick Man

This week, we have been learning to retell the Stick Man story making our own story maps and using them to retell the story to a partner.

Stick Man also challenged us to think of different foods that he could eat, as he was a bit fed up of eating leaves all the time. The children learnt how to make their own picture graphs to find out their friend’s favourite food. All of the children asked their friends and then used their maths skills to interpret their picture graph to find the most popular food.

Finally, on Thursday, it was such a windy afternoon and the children were talking lots about the weather, so we went and made our very own kites! We had such fun flying them in our outdoor area, what a fun filled and busy week we have had in Reception!

Stick Man!

Lady Love has been very silly again, because she’s lost Stick Man! The children received a letter and have been looking for him all week; they think they spotted him on our way to the theatre this week to watch Stick Man. We had a wonderful time at the theatre and the children have been working really hard at school to help Lady Love find him again. Fingers crossed she does!

Room on the Broom

This week our Reception class have continued their learning about Room on the Broom. They have been making brooms, retelling the story and have made firework pictures – another busy and fun week for our Reception children!

 Room on the Broom!

Our Reception class have had another busy week using their learning to solve problems for the characters in Room on the Broom. There’s been potion making in the Mud Kitchen, number spells, pumpkin Art and spooky shopping in the Maths corner. The children have also been sharing the book, learning about their favourite characters and story mapping – what a busy week!

Evil Pea has Visited Reception!

This week we had a visit from Evil Pea! He hid our snack and replaced it with frozen peas! All his pea friends where hiding around the Foundation Stage garden, and so we had to use our super skills to stop him. We had Evil Pea target practise for our number work, Supertato story mapping, character making and much more. The children also created their own super hero masks and created a super hero obstacle course to ensure they were ready to face Evil Pea by perfecting their moving and handling skills.

Reception at our Official Opening

The children in Reception had a wonderful time celebrating the official opening of the school with their families. All of the workshops the children participated in were centred around the much loved story of ‘The Gruffalo’ and as you can see from the photos below, they clearly had lots of fun!



Our New Early Years Playground

We are so excited that our Early Years Playground is finished and ready for Monday morning! The children are going to benefit hugely from this amazing provision, which will help them with their learning through exploration and investigation.