Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement

Year Two

Worldly Wise Week

Year 2 celebrated Pineham’s very own Worldly Wise Week. We challenged stereotypes, explored our school’s values and were incredibly inspired by our visitor’s stories. A brilliant way to end our half term.






In Literacy this week, something mysterious happened. Clothes found their way out of the washing machine in the DT Room and it looked as though they were underwater creatures. This will be a stimulus for our writing until Half Term.





Our Judaism Day
We explored Judaism today. We looked at the Torah, Challah Bread and Synagogues.



Life Education Bus & Welly Walk

We have been very busy this week. We had a visit from the The Education Life Bus where we looked at our body and our feelings. We also went on a Welly Walk where we searched for non-biodegradable pieces of litter.



Christmas 2019

The children thoroughly enjoyed their Christmas activities which included an arts and crafts afternoon and a special visit from some Reindeer



The Hope Centre and the Eco Tree

We were incredibly fortunate to have a visit from Tanya who works at The Hope Centre in Northampton. This formed part of our Wellbeing Wednesday session and we are aiming to give back to them as part of our five ways of wellbeing.

We had an artist in residence work closely with Pineham Planet Protectors to design our Eco Promise Tree. The rest of the children then got to help put the tree together with the help of Mr McLeod.



Plants and Atlas Work

This week, we delved deeper into our Plant topic in Science where we planted our own cress seeds in order to find out if temperate effects the health of plants and their rate of growth. Watch this space…

We also used Atlases to explore oceans and continents. We were even able to locate the country which our topic is centered around; Australia.




The Tempest Workshop

We were incredibly lucky to have some drama workshops during our Shakespeare Week where we focused on the story of The Tempest.




On 12th December, we took part in our own elections for our school councillors alongside many people across the country who took part in the national election. Many members of Year 2 confidently presented their manifestos and then they voted in their own private voting booth.



Number Line Maths and Carrot Cake Cookies

This week Year 2 baked Carrot Cake Cookies to say thank you for leaving lots of George and the Dragon related objects in our classroom last week. They also estimated where numbers went on enormous number lines in the hall.




Constellations and a visit from a Dragon.

Year 2 were incredibly shocked to find their classroom had been turned upside down by a dragon on Tuesday evening! The dragon, from the legend George and the dragon, decided to leave presents from the story for the class because he wanted to try to make up for making a mess. He left some of his scales, a dragon egg and even George’s sword. We used them to generate appropriate adjectives. As part of our topic, Out of this World, we looked at constellations in the night sky and the stories that go with them. The children then painted their constellations on their very own night skies (the cling film).





Racket Festival
Some children from Year 2 went on a Racket Festival this week. They took part in a range of activities that help develop skills used for racket sports. One of their favourites was Balloon Catch.


For our first piece of Year 2 writing we have been looking at instructions. We had planned to make pizzas but Winston our Literacy owl tore them up and took some of the features away so we had to put them back together again and rewrite some of the features before we could make them! Then Iron Man himself payed us a visit and even sent us a video message. We had to write a set of instructions to help put him back together again.


Our First Welly Walk
This week we went on our first Welly Walk. We looked for signs that may show that the seasons are changing. But at one point we even thought we spotted the Gruffalo!



Year Two Curriculum Overview Autumn ’19

Curriculum Overview Autumn 1 – Out of this World 2AL


Year 2 Preston Hedge’s Trust Multiskills Festival
This week, Year 2 children participated in a multiskills festival which we hosted in our hall. We thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the activities that were run by Year 6 children from Preston Hedge’s and some of us even won awards!


The Hope Centre
Year 2 and 3 had their Camp for Compassion this week to help raise awareness of The Hope Centre in Northampton. We were lucky enough to even have a visitor, Tanya, from the charity to help guide us through the day. The children were incredibly mature and empathetic in their response to the issue of homelessness and thought deeply about how we can help. We were very impressed.


Smarties and investigation
Year 2 and 3 were called upon as Inference Investigators in order to solve a mystery in school. Someone had entered school and had left lots of clues behind including a CD, a photo album and letters. The children used these pieces of evidence to gain an idea of who their main suspect is likely to be. With Miss Slinn, the children also explored the use of bar charts using Smarties.


Route 66
As a class, we began to explore our new topic, Route 66, today. The children used the iPads to label and explore continents and to begin looking at states in America which the road passes through, as well as creating maps of the route on sugar paper as an extra challenge.

Mandarin TV
Year 2 and 3 are lucky enough to have weekly Mandarin lessons which are carried out by a teacher in China via video link. As a school we hope these opportunities will help the children stand out in a very competitive world when they leave school. BBC Look East heard that this was taking place in our school and we were therefore featured on the local news.


Rock Climbing
To promote new and exciting sports and to promote our school values, such as determination and aspiration, Year 2 and 3 are having a number of PE sessions at the Pinnacle Climbing Centre in Northampton

More From Science Week
What a busy Science Week we had! We were able to explore the theme of ‘Journeys’ in many ways. We were able to watch a European World Extreme Mountain Bike Champion, who discussed his journey to success and the use of transport to creatively get from A to B. We were also visited by Atomic Tom who allowed the children to go on a journey on his Hover Board, whilst discussing the usefulness of forces in our everyday lives. Year 2 and 3 also created their own rockets, added plants to the newly installed Living Laboratory and looked at the journey of germs.


Science Week


Year 2 and 3 visited the Northampton SAINTs ground today. Luckily, the SAINTs first team were training all day for their last game of the season so not only did the children take part in lots of fun activities, they also met players, saw how the changing room was prepared before a home game and watched the team play.

World Book Day!

Year 2 and 3 have had a very busy week this week. The children went on a welly walk and even met some sheep! They were also sent a task from NASA; to investigate the difference in weight of Astronaut food and Earth food. Of course, at the end of the session, they were able to have a taste! The astronaut ice cream was the definite winner of the test!

We have had a very busy first week back since Christmas in Year 2 and 3! We found mysterious, snowy footprints leading to the hall, which we later found out were from Lucy and Mr Tumnus in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. In the hall the children used lots of different clues, like ice, clothes and music, to see if they could work out what text they would be studying in Literacy.

As our new value is cooperation the children took part in a number of team building exercises in the hall.

Some of our Year 3 children represented the school in a Key Stage 2 Badminton tournament at Benham Sports Centre. They were fantastic!


Year 2 & 3 Curriculum Overview:

Year Two and Three Curriculum Overview – Spring Term 19

Christmas Fun!

We have been very busy in the lead up to Christmas. Earlier in the week Year 2 and 3 were surprised by the arrival of reindeers on the playground. They even got to feed and stroke them.  The class also had a visit from an elf who needed help getting fit in time for Christmas. The children decided to plan an elf boot camp for him. They explored the best way to exercise by measuring the impact each activity had on their heart rate. They even got to use computer software which more accurately maps their BPM, using a finger sensor.

We have celebrated Christmas with an enormous whole class buffet, party games and lots of Christmas crafts. Thank you very much to all the parents for coming together and providing the food for their party. It was fantastic.

This week, Year 2 and 3 have visited Northampton Cricket Ground and have taken part in a Cricket Festival. They learnt many skills such as catching, throwing and team work. They were a credit to the school. They have been working hard on completing multiplication problems and even used cones to create huge arrays in the hall to help them find the answers. Year 2 also looked at doubling and halving in maths. They used what they knew to double and halve items in a recipe. Thank you to all the parents who were able to come into school and share a book. We really enjoyed sharing our favourite stories with you.


We have been celebrating the work of Shakespeare in Year 2 and 3 this week. We have focused on the play, Midsummer Nights Dream. We went on a Welly Walk to search for the fairies in the stories. We were surprised to see that fairies come in many different shapes and sizes.

The children also focused on the use of conjunctions in sentences and to learn how to do this Miss Latham turned the classroom into a ‘Conjunction Surgery’.

This week, we have been visited by an Artist who helped us produce artwork that represents our school values. We produced a bird for every value. For example, the owls represent respect and tolerance. They are now flying down the main corridor in the middle of the school.

Year 2 cooked some ‘Dragon Flapjack’ for the dragon in the legend of ‘George and the Dragon’. The children were even able to weigh out all of their own ingredients. Hopefully this will stop him from destroying our classroom again! After this, the children did some drama based activities to act out each part of the story.

This week we went for our first Welly Walk in the beautiful sunshine. We have also had an Art Day to help immerse ourselves in our topic, Rainforests. Some of the children in Year 2 attended a Multi-Skills Festival. They were amazing and represented the school brilliantly.

In Year 2, the children met a very special person who needed some help this week; The Iron Man. He needed putting back together after having an unfortunate fall. Luckily, Year 2s are experts on writing instructions so this was no problem for them!

In Science, Year 2 and 3 took the iPads outside and used them to look closely at the features of trees.

They also used technology in Maths, where they used the laptops to consolidate their understanding of place value. Year 2, also went outside and created their own hop-scotch games with different number patterns.


We have had a very busy week in Year 2 and 3 this week. Whilst looking at instructions, Year 2 made pizzas. However, what made this task tricky was that our Literacy mascot, Winston the Owl, tore our instructions up. They had to put all the pieces back together again in order to make the pizzas correctly. Miss Latham had accidently left the numbers off each step, which made it even harder.

Meanwhile, Year 3 have been exploring rainforest stories with Mrs Kelly, using a variety of drama techniques. One of the class’ favourite was hot seating.

The class have had their first session of Zumba. They thoroughly enjoyed it…especially the Chihuahua song!


This week, Year 2 and 3 have been very busy. In Science, they explored their first topic and dissected plants. Next, they were surprised with a flight to the Amazon Rainforest. Once they had gone through passport control, found their seats on the plane and went through flight safety procedures, they explored the Amazon. This was through the use of drama, art and the outdoors.